The Durban Botanic Gardens

Recently, I visited the Durban Botanic Gardens (I’ve been numerous times before) and was greeted with a brilliant display of flowering aloes, euphorbias and non-succulent red hot pokers (which are related to aloes). These beautiful plants are an testament to the creativity of their Designer, who originally made them perfect when He created the world. They may be suffering the effects of the Fall (which explains their thorns), but they still hint at the perfection that once existed.

Not only do the plants there give me inspiration for my own garden, but they also remind of a world that once was, and will be again when our Lord returns!

A red hot poker flower


The flowers of this euphorbia attract insects


A sculptural euphorbia


An aloe flower


A group of aloes and other succulents


The supposed "primitive cactus" doesn't look very primitive to me!


Aloes at the entrance



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